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Maatha (2011)

Maatha is the first feature film that I worked for. With very mediocre facilities and unbelievably tight deadlines, it was somewhat challenging at that time. Total movie consisted nearly 300 visual effects shots. I have contributed to 60 of them. They ranged from simple wire removals to full CG environments. Because of lack of time and resources, we had to rely on keyed out real explosions and vfx elements than simulated ones.

Maatha (2011) trailer

In the movie, I have involved in few major full CG shots and many more medium to easy shots ( 60 total). This includes movie's signature shot of a train derailing from its track due to an explosion, where I'm responsible for the modeling of the train coach.

Below are some breakdowns of shots that worth a mention :

Below is a rending of the model that I did for the signature train blasting shot of maatha movie.

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