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Joe Abeywickrama  Portrait

Gammana Patabendige Don John Abeywickrama(22 June 1927 - 21 September 2011), known as Joe Abeywickrama, was a Sri Lankan actor. He began acting in 1957 and achieved fame as a comedic actor. Since 1965, Abeywickrama has also done dramatic roles.


This is a very hard work since it was Impossible to find good reference image of this Artist. And I contacted a relation of his and he sent me two Photos with some information. Luckily I was able to pull this out of it. Sculpt was done in Zbrush and textured in Mudbox. Scene setup was done inside 3Ds Max. Used mental ray as the renderer; but instead of default sss fast skin shader, I have used skin plus shader.

4.1 Final Render

4.2 Reference sent by Mr. Neshad M. Abeywickrama

4.3 Initial Zbrush sculpt

4.4 Basic scene setup

4.5 Render with rough shaders

© Ravihara Weerathunge 2016